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IT Processes and App development need to be streamlined to work together efficently. Appnotiq are here to help

Since 2011 appnotiq having helping to bridge the gap between busineess departments, such as sales and marketing, and IT teams around the world.

Our Services

Our Services
Agile Transformation

Waterfall is great for certain project types. Making software isnt one of them. We can help transition your Software projects to work using an agile process helping you develop great software quicker of a better quality than before.

Agile Process review

Doing Standups and having a scrum board are great. But, are you concerned that you still aren't getting results? We can come in and review your process and highlight the good and the bad.

Team Coaching

One off or ongoing coaching options customised to your preference.

Product owner/ Stakeholder coaching

Weekly one hour workshops to guide and mentor your prod teams to success

Remote Teams - process optimisation

Working with remote teams is hard. We're here to help make it easier by providing suggestions and guidance to help you get the most out of your remote teams.

Tailor made coaching

There is no one size fits all when it comes to being agile. Every company and department are different we can provide options that fit in with your company culture.


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